Presenting a Wide Range of Machines for the Mining, Construction and Port Handling Industries

Cargo Handling Products
Indital Reachstackers, Empty Container Handlers and Forklifts, renowned for their strength, precision handling and great value for money.
Construction & Mining Equipment
Motor Graders, Blasthole Drill Rigs and Dust Suppression Systems, used in mines, road building and maintenance, airports and general construction.
On-road Load Handling Equipment
Arx represents HIAB for sales and service to government agencies, primarily defence. These are a range on equipment under the HIAB cranes, Effer cranes, Multilift demountable and Moffet truck mounted forklifts.

Functionally Superior. Aesthetically Appealing.

Arx offers a wide range of equipment to meet the needs of the construction, mining, and logistics industries. Our machines are ergonomically designed and  are fitted with state-of-the-art drivelines and mechatronics that make them simple to operate and maintain.


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